Saturday, April 25, 2015

Day Three: All About Family

I've been with the same jump judge crew for about six years now. and it's been really nice to come "home" to my peeps.  This year, we had fence 19a and b, the Horse Park Barns.  Not huge fences, but coming out of the Hollow, they made sure the rider and horse were still together, balanced, and in synch.

Yes, it was a bit wet and chilly, but boy, were these horses and riders fit and ready!  The first rider on course was Colleen Rutledge and Shiraz, and they BLAZED over the course with nary a misstep.  I was impressed.

The rain did come, though, and while not a torrential downpour, nor hail, nor tornadoes, it was uncomfortable and it did make the ground tricky.

I've always been impressed with William Coleman as a rider.  He seems serious, focused, and his leg never. ever. moves.  He made the course look easy.

Of course, Buck and Phillip rode fabulously, too.

I was sad that so many regulars, like Jessica Phoenix and Sharon White and Lauren Kieffer had refusals.  REALLY sad that several of my Texas Peeps had some issues, but SO VERY PROUD of them for coming here and conquering this course!  Here are some shots of them over my fence:

Ellen Doughty-Hume

Angela Grzywinski

Will Faudree had a fabulous ride over my fences, and I understand he had a brilliant ride the rest of the course.....but alas, "Missy" lost a shoe on course, and simply didn't feel right, so he opted to withdraw.  What a genuine horseman!

Tim Price and Michael Jung and William Fox Pitt all had amazing rides.  Truly a lesson in how things should be done.

After a looooooong wait (Fence Judges can't leave until all the scores have been verified and if there are any discrepancies or protests, we stay--and we stayed for about two hours this time), I went home to see my beautiful nieces and their families.  I met my brand new great niece Anna Claire, and my new great nephew Ethan.  I got to see my "old" great nephews as well.

TELL ME I don't have a fun family!!!  They are amazing.  SO MUCH love!

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