Sunday, April 26, 2015

And so it ends

A thrilling show jumping day, and the weather was picture perfect.  LOTS of rails coming down, and I'll post pics once they're uploaded--but the top 20 shifted around considerably.  Michael Jung's second of penalty points *could* have prevented him from winning, but the leader, Tim Price, had a rail.  But then, Jung had TWO rails on Sam.  He had, however, a perfect ride on his mare, so he moved up to first on her--winning, as everyone predicted, but on the wrong horse.  Sam came in third.

Fox Pit was third, and Dutton was fourth.  William Coleman was next, with a fabulous ride.  If he can get the right horse, I swear he'll be OUR "Michael Jung".

Had a lovely time with Smokey and her husband on the way home--what a fabulous farm they have (Su Say Farm).  I hope to go back when I can stay longer.

And, of course, it was nice to spend time with Larry and Rox.  We had a fun evening of leftovers and Naked and Afraid.  Top that.

Till Next year.....

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