Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Catching Up in Kentucky

Donna and I made it to Kentucky relatively painlessly--we even got to hold an extremely cute seven month old baby while his mom stuffed some food into her mouth w/o worrying about holding a baby at the same time.  Why is making faces, weird sounds, etc. at babies so entertaining to adults?!

Once we were safely in Louisville (cheaper than Lexington), we headed out--but I told Donna we needed to stop and find a liquor store so that I could get come Bourbon barrel Ale and some "Bourbon I couldn't get in Texas".

So we found the Liquor Barn....which we both envisioned as a drive through type set up.

Nope.  It's a freaking warehouse.

AND we had a very knowledgeable man tell us all about local bourbons.  We settled on three that were relatively inexpensive, but that would give us three different flavors, and not your "run of the mill" bourbon.  I was very excited to try them!

Larry and Rox had fixed an EXCELLENT chili for us tonight, and I found that Bourbon Barrel Ale goes most excellently with chili.

Once we finished (after Rox made some killer almond milk ice cream with frozen strawberries and bananas), we started to talk about our upcoming trip to Africa in June.  Larry brought out the "big gun", perhaps I should say "lenses", since it's a photo safari.

It was quite a spread, to be sure.  Larry's letting me use the smallish canon almost hidden in the back with my lens (uh, that I bought from him) attached.  The rest of it is all his and Rox's.  They are serious about their photography.  And I have seen the brilliant photos they brought back last time they went, so I cannot wait to see these miracles for myself.

So tomorrow I'll get a chance to try some of this swag out as the first Rolex riders go at 9:30 am.  I see a trip to Quillin's in our future, then it's on to the horse park!

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